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Recognized for their excellence in customizing high-end electronics, ColorWare debuts the limited edition Beats by Dre Pill 2.0 “Safari” speaker. Despite its compact size, the Beats Pill speaker produces powerful sound with soaring highs and deep bass, and it connects to any Bluetooth-enabled device. New features of the 2.0 include Beats Bond to amplify or stereo your music, accessory charging and software updates straight to your speaker. At ColorWare, the product goes through a labor-intensive process of disassembly, cleaning, masking, painting and inspection. Then, the product is buffed and reassembled. The product then goes through final inspection and is packaged into the original packaging. Limited to a run of 50, the Beats by Dr. Dre Pill 2.0 “Safari” is now available at ColorWare’s online store for $379 USD.

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