Sledgehammer, the latest gaming studio to handle the newest installment of the wildly popular Call of Duty video game franchise, has revealed what multiplayer will look like for Advanced Warfare today at Gamescom 2014.

From the looks of today’s presentation, they’re clearly banking big time on the exoskeleton suits to help change things for Call of Duty. The franchise really did hit its apex back with Modern Warfare 2 and the original Black Ops. Since then, things have seemed to rapidly go downhill. The experience really has not been fun since those aforementioned titles. Call of Duty has been in dire need of some changes and although multiplayer makes for such a small percentage in the overall experience for the mass market, it really needs some changes for the hardcore players. Taking cues from Titanfall, Advanced Warfare has implemented these suits that will enable you to jump around like never before in the game. Jump shots have been such a crucial move in Call of Duty games, but now they will be amplified big time. That could be cool and annoying at the same time with a bunch of people hopping around like rabbits on ‘roids.

All in all, the game does look very intriguing as far as multiplayer goes. The guns look great; character customization looks cool; the new “advanced” technologies in the weapons look fun; and of course with the next-gen graphics, the visuals are looking fantastic. One thing that does look like a problem, as with other Call of Duty games, is that quickscoping with sniper rifles appears to be back.

Anyway, November 4, 2014 is the release date and it looks like if you pre-order the game, you will get access to multiplayer 24 hours earlier to help get your XP going.

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