When a culture becomes as widespread as streetwear is today, it’s easy to take some things for granted. In most major Western cities it’s not hard to find at least one store stocking the brands, products or style you’re looking for, but not everyone has it that easy. Over in Moscow in the early 2000s, you’d be lucky to hear the word “streetwear” anywhere outside of the Internet. Stores didn’t stock it, people didn’t wear it, and the country as a whole simply didn’t get it.

But hidden away in online chat rooms and forums there was a group of diehard fans who refused to take no for an answer. Of these, FOTT was the king. Dedicated primarily to the discussion of clothing, brands, music, movies and football, it was the go-to resource for young Muscovites looking for a taste of culture beyond what their own country could offer them. So strong was this desire that, in 2005, a dedicated few members united to launch their own physical store and bring the world of streetwear to Moscow.

Driven by one simple motto, “We sell what we wear,” FOTT slowly worked itself up from a simple showroom to becoming one of Moscow’s most respected menswear retailers. What’s more, its founders haven’t lost a drop of the enthusiasm that first sparked their bold venture. Today, FOTT shoots all its own lookbooks and promotional material, taking the products its staff love and presenting them in a uniquely personal way. In addition, its periodic FOTTPAPER Magazine serves as a continuation of the discussions held by forum members all those years ago – the only difference being, they now have the means and the authority to get close to the brands they always dreamed about.

We set out for Moscow to shoot part of the FOTT crew and talk to them about their story so far. You can enjoy the photos here and stay tuned for the full interview coming soon.

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