The question of where the future of recorded music is heading has been raging ever since the days of Napster. Digital music has decimated physical sales across every format, and while vinyl sales have shown some promising signs of recovery in recent years, the world is still filled with wax that no one wants.

Well, nearly no one; as it turns out, there’s one man who’s very interested in it indeed. This weekend the NY Times posted an article on the incredible story of Zero Freitas – a wealthy Brazilian business owner with a compulsion for record collecting so great that he has to employ a team of interns to catalog it. While men with sizable vinyl collections are certainly nothing new, Zero’s personal stash takes things comfortably to the next level. Consisting of obscure, rare and potentially unheard finds from all over the world, his 25,000-square-foot warehouse is home to several million recorded albums, and he’s buying more all the time.

It’s a remarkable story of one man’s passion bordering on obsession, laced with hope of a future for music that would otherwise have been lost to the world forever. To read it in full, click here.

  • Source: NY Times
  • Photography: Sebastián Liste/Noor, for The New York Times
Words by AJ Gwilliam
Features Editor

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