Where form meets function

In a world filled with speakers that look and sound the same, OM/ONE is without a doubt a paradigm shift. Designed by a team of world class industrial designers and audio engineers, OM/ONE was engineered and tuned by the former Director of Engineering for Velodyne Acoustics. The magnetic base levitates the speaker and includes a USB port to charge your orb and other devices. The orb is designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand and has build quality equal to the best products on the market. Instead of wasting amplification energy pushing sound waves into a desk, bookshelf or table, all of the OM/ONE’s amplification energy is directed to the speaker driver to create full, crisp and clear sound. This enables OM/ONE to deliver audio performance far beyond its size, outputting a full 110 decibels with a 3 watt RMS amplifier. This also gives OM/ONE industry leading battery life without sacrificing audio performance: up to 15 hours of continuous playback at 70% volume. OM/ONE is currently available in jet black, glacier white and disco ball, click here for more information.

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