For €8, you can visit the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany, but to get into the secret warehouse a couple of streets away, you have to be exclusively invited. Luckily, Car Magazine got a look and has shared with us some of Porsche’s secret gems in a short video. Their 300-piece collection includes everything from ultra-rare 959 supercars to a bundle of famous race cars that have taken part in the brand’s 16 victories at LeMans. Our favorites from the collection are the more obscure ones, like the early Volkswagen Beetles designed by founder Ferdinand Porsche, a stunning four-door 911 prototype, and a so-called “mule” — a 1990s 965/911 Turbo Targa that possesses the secret specs of the company’s upcoming Boxster.

The endless rows of produced and un-produced prototypes will guarantee hours of entertainment for any Porsche enthusiast, but sadly, the warehouse will never be open to the public. However, Porsche will be displaying a few prototypes at their museum next door starting September. Until then, watch the video below to get a glimpse of what’s inside the warehouse.

  • Source: Business Insider
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