You might think that indulging in make-believe is just silly child’s play, but sometimes it’s fun to sit back and wonder “What If…?” Well, that’s exactly what the guys at Sneaker Freaker have been doing with their time, and they’ve tackled one of the biggest turning points in sneakerdom – the genesis of Michael Jordan‘s relationship with Nike and the birth of the most successful sneaker franchise in history.

It’s a known fact that Michael, a lifelong adidas devotee, was pretty reluctant to commit to Nike in the early days. He’s even been quoted as saying that if adidas had come up with a bid anywhere near Nike’s then he would’ve signed with them. Sadly for the Germans, they passed up on the chance, but in a clever bit of well-researched storytelling writer Anthony Costa supposes what the world would have been like if they’d pushed that little bit harder to get MJ23 in the Three Stripes.

“By 1986 adidas has made New York a stronghold. With Run DMC booming from every playground beat box and three adi-clad whiteboy brats from Brooklyn putting hip hop on the mainstream map, the Trefoil has become as much a symbol of youth culture as the peace sign was in the 60s. You still see the odd pair of Nikes around…. but the court connoisseurs have all moved on.”

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Words by AJ Gwilliam
Features Editor

Proud Brit. Pathologically addicted to white trainers (AKA "sneakers").

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