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Soulland’s newest collection, “Space for Everyone,” is inspired by the advent of space tourism and the magnitude of the human imagination. In a time where we are capable of departing the earth to explore new worlds, the reality of what lies ahead is tangible beyond the creative depictions of space in literature, film, and our minds. Perhaps as a result, space has lost some of its former mystery, but in many ways, the universe outside still remains a romantic final frontier. Poignant digital prints of distant galaxies and astral imagery thread their way through Soulland’s new line, paired with the reoccurring metallic and reflective silver details that make it impossible to miss the space travel references. 

One camouflage print jacket, a noticeable departure from the other celestial-inspired prints, is a calculated irony in designer Silas Adler choosing a material that doubly signifies the act of blending into the earth and invading space. The fact that he chose to weave such an earthly material into his space travel narrative — just as his home country is in the midst of mounting political issues — surely seems more than happy coincidence, especially given that Soulland have previously used their collections as a vehicle for social and political commentary.

In addition to staple streetwear-influenced offerings — pullovers, sharp tees, cuffed drawstring pants — the collection also shows a slightly older side of the brand with translatable suiting options. “How can we make a suit that our generation would wear on a daily basis?” was one of the primary questions on Adler’s mind during the ideation of the line. 

Even as he addresses growth with elevated tailoring, Adler preserves Soulland’s authenticity in thoughtful detail. Whether swapping stuffy traditional fits for more relaxed silhouettes or trading flat fabrics for textured jacquards, there remains a casual youthfulness and individuality that is definitively Soulland. At heart, the collection celebrates our ability to imagine the unknown, with the brand infusing their own version of the not-so-distant future into the clothing of now.

Shop Soulland’s Fall/Winter 2014 collection now, available here.

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