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If ever the Coen brothers’ cult character “The Dude” cared enough about sartorial endeavors to graduate beyond his signature bathrobe or bowling shirt look, he’d probably wear CWST.

Inspired by the life and times of ‘90s youth in Montecito, California, their Spring/Summer 2015 collection is all about effortless cool, understated design, and a little bit of edge. Featuring lightweight washed linens in breezy pastels, slim-tailored button downs, and casual linen shorts, CWST immaculately channels the laid-back, easygoing spirit associated with West Coast living.

Also among the seasonal offerings are more grown-up options such as sporty, relaxed slim-fit suits made from high-quality Japanese cotton for comfort and breathability. The suits come in both deep and light shades that can be paired across the board for a casual or more refined look.

All in all, the combination of informal wardrobe staples and standout casual luxury pieces give the collection an appealing balance that makes it easily translatable between on-the-clock time and “dude” day.

Words by Stephanie Smith-Strickland
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