After walking Capsule this past week, we unveil what we think are the seven best new additions to the traveling trade show. It was great to get out, shake some hands, and see what’s new in the men’s market. Many of the brands covered here are new not only to Capsule but also to use in general. See our picks below and make sure to check out the rest of our capsule coverage here and here.


Chris Earl 

With a conference full of garments, we loved checking out the few who offered something a bit different.  We took a liking to furniture designer Chris Earl’s unique wood cutting boards, metal objects and handmade ceramics. We featured Chris in our Capsule Selects installation and are excited to see the future for this designer. See his collection of work here.



Peanuts fans rejoice. TSPTR (Truth, Symmetry, Pleasure, Taste, Recognition), is a new label that already boasts a heavy track record for collaborations. We thumbed through garment after garment of amazing Charlie Brown pieces with a strikingly familiar but new feel. TSPTR is strongly rooted in the “Golden Age of Sportswear” — the 1960s to the ’80s — and is the product of two avid vintage collectors. This is definitely a label to keep on your radar. Visit the here to learn more.


TID Watches

We covered the Swedish watchmaker back in May and were glad to see them in full force at Capsule. Their timepieces are priced reasonably ($300 – $345) and simply look good. There’s no going wrong with a plain-faced watch — and this is the one you want. Find them here.


Outdoor Voices

Although quite young, New York’s Outdoor Voices has been making some major waves in the activewear world. This year, they were selected for J.Crew Women’s “Discovered” series. OV makes seriously technical gear without the usual steroid-injected ethos from many mainstream brands. With as many new start-ups we see in the menswear market, it’s refreshing to find a young brand venturing into the world of performance gear. We see a bright future for Outdoor Voices. Shop them here.



We seriously could not think of a better name for this Japanese label. With the slogan of “Make Happy,” their playful prints and youthful vibe put a smile on our face. From shoes to backpacks, Buddy has you covered. Get to know them here.


Thrux Lawrence 

With the lofty slogan, “we build them like they used to,” we were curious to take a closer look at the goods from Idaho-based accessories label and retailer Thrux Lawrence. Our favorite was their heavy-duty canvas backpack; this is something you could hand off to your grandkids with pride. After hearing about their impressive retail space that includes a barbershop and billards, we had to show the young label of nine months some love. See their space online and learn more here.


South2 West8

Although not new to most of our readers, South2 West8 (part of the mighty Nepenthes family of brands) made their first appearance at Capsule Show this year. The Japanese bag and accessory maker has always kept a mysterious presence on the web, so it was a pleasure to see it all in person. Our favorite from their Spring 2015 collection was this set of bags in hunter green. Visit them online or find them at Nepenthes.

Words by Thomas Welch
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