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Brazilian brothers-in-graffiti Os Gêmeos (literally “The Twins”) have been commissioned by the city of Vancouver to paint their biggest work to date across a series of six industrial silos at a cement production plant on the waterfront. As a continuation of their long-running “Giants” series, last seen adorning the Brazilian national football team’s official jet, the pair have transformed each 70-foot silo into a 360-degree work of art, adding up to a colossal mural that’s over 23,500 square feet in size. The project is being conducted as part of the Vancouver Biennale and the exact location – Granville Island – receives over 10.5 million visitors a year, guaranteeing quite an audience. Watch a short video about the creation of the project below or visit it yourself and take in other works by legendary artists like Andy Goldsworthy, Dennis Oppenheim and Hugo Franca at the same time. For more info, click here.

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