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Today’s product group in a week-long series celebrating Dover Street Market’s impending 10th anniversary is the CDG Specials. It comprises a simple Play CdG backpack, a repackaged Special Edition bougie candle of the classic CdG Original fragrance and the world launch of their new perfume, produced with Pharrell Williams – “G I R L.”

Originally announced in March this year, “G I R L” is intended as a unisex fragrance and its distinct woodnotes are derived from a combination of heady patchouli, sandalwood and cedar, rounded off with neroli and vetiver.

For the store’s first decade, a Special Edition package has been designed by KAWS. COMME des GARCONS hinted to Highsnobiety that this is the first of several more fragrances they will produce with the musician. Let’s get some insights from him about the project.

Have you always wanted to create a fragrance?

No, not always. In fact, I never suspected I would get the opportunity. And so, when it was presented to me, it just made sense to go with something that felt good. And something that I’m really into, which is woodnotes. I knew I wanted to start there.

Your album, Girl, and this fragrance share the same name.

Women were the inspiration for the album but of course, you know sounds are made for all human beings. The album is for everyone, as is the fragrance – it’s deliberately unisex.

How did collaborating on scent differ from other creative partnerships you’ve been involved in?

In this sense, the air is the canvas. In a song, the notes are arranged on sheet music. When you’re listening to music, yes, it’s in the air – but it’s from an auditory point of view. This was different because this was working with the olfactory senses. So, while I don’t know the most about it, I was honored to learn from people who are experts in their field. I learnt that air is the canvas to the nose.

You chose KAWS to work on the bottle art.

It was an idea that was suggested to me and it made sense. What KAWS does just fitted perfectly for that aspect of the project. He took notes and came back with an incredible rendering that made us all feel like he’d already arrived at the finished design.

Finally, how was it working with COMME des GARCONS?

I trust Adrian Joffe’s [President of CdG] instincts, his good taste and general tone. He does things where he feels they will have the most impact, whether big or small. And, COMME also happens to be a brand I respect, so it was an honor. What else could I say, except, “yes” and “thank you?”

“G I R L” launches on DSM’s e-shops tomorrow and in-store from 1st September (5th Sept at DSM NY). The store has produced several ranges of products looking ahead as part of their DSM – The Next 10 Years campaign. Take a look at the “Checkerboard” series and continue to check back for daily updates.

Styling: Atip W

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