Following Denim WeekWorld Cup Month and Festival Week, we finish the summer holidays with Back to School WeekTo help make the switch from endless sunny days and warm nights to waking up at a reasonable hour and having responsibilities easier, we’ve produced a number of pieces focusing on this yearly transition.

I’ll forever think of the yearly cycle in academic terms. This means that every time September rolls around I feel an innate desire to buy a whole new set of clothes. Oh no, that’s just every month. September does feel like a fresh start though, whether you’re returning to school, college, university – whatever you call it – or not. And stationery was always my favorite thing to purchase in the lead up to the start of the new academic year. You can’t roll up to a new class full of people with chewed-up Biros and worn down pencils – please. Check out the range we’ve compiled above and take your pick, because whether you’re in education or not it feels real good getting out some fresh writing tools to work with.

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