This week’s “5 Tumblrs…” features some gems that are good for a few laughs, namely Super Tanya and her mohair sweaters and Baseball Card Vandals. There’s some other stuff, too, like babes such as Gillian Anderson and more, so kick back and get your tumble on. Afterwards, check out last week’s installment here.


Baseball Card Vandals

Even if you could not care any less for baseball, this one should still provide the lulz.


Gillian Anderson 1996

There’s just something about this lady that I can’t get enough of. Still lookin’ mighty fine, too, as seen on the show The Fall.



If you’re into good looking ladies, here’s a good one to follow.


White People Be Like

A blog dedicated to cracking on white people.


Super Tanya Mohair Sweaters

Super Tanya saves the day with her “lovely thick and fuzzy hand knitted” mohair sweaters. This one is a trip. I came across this during a search for sweaters and it was an instant follow.

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