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HBO has announced the premiere date for a documentary that chronicles Banksy’s month-long artistic romp in New York City last year which the artist dubbed “Better Out Than In.” Aptly titled Banksy Does New York, filmmaker Chris Moukarbel crowd-sourced footage from people who saw the art firsthand and packaged it as a full-length feature – calling the technique of utilizing fan’s documentation as “a city holding a mirror back up to the artist.” Having pulled off notable installations like bubble letters with balloons and a Central Park stand that sold 100% authentic paintings for a fraction of what they would be worth on the resale market, Banksy Does New York premieres on HBO on November 17.

Editor’s Note: The actual trailer for the HBO documentary has not debuted yet, however the trailer below is a Banksy recap of the event featuring footage of all his work in New York to give you an idea of the coverage.

Editors note: HBO has finally given fans the first official look at the documentary. Check out the Banksy Does New York trailer.

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