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Architecture firm Next Office has built the ultimate living space. It is a home in Tehran, Iran that adapts to the functional needs of its user. Built in 2013, the 1,400 square-meter structure was commissioned on a piece of land that was narrow in width, but quite generous in depth. What could have been a fatal design issue simply forced the team to get creative. The resulting “turning”effect is something futuristic in nature, but domestic in execution.

The firm came up with a blueprint that allowed the home’s two-dimensional spaces to be converted into three-dimensional spaces through a series of smaller boxes nested into their larger counterparts, similar to a Russian matryoshka doll.

Taking inspiration from the architecture of traditional Iranian living spaces, which have summer and winter living rooms, the “turning rooms” can be changed seasonally or to fit the ever-changing needs of the family. Within the minimalist, wood-clad space are guest rooms, fitness centers, housekeeping rooms, and an ambiance-filled pool area. Consisting of a total of seven floors, the home is truly a marvel to behold. 

  • Source: Arch Daily
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