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The Midual Type 1 prototype was one of the more interesting two-wheeled creations on display at Pebble Beach this year. Named after its creator, Frenchman Olivier Midy, the roadster is like the Maybach of motorcycles; It is a rolling symbol of excess.

One of the unique design features that immediately catches the eye is the instrument cluster located on the top of the tank. Though not very practical, as it is impossible to see the road whilst looking straight down at the tank, the instrument panel is aesthetically captivating.

A more functional design detail is the leather grip pads on the sides. Not that anyone will be dragging a knee in the corners on this machine, but the grip pads will make it a bit more comfortable to get off the saddle in the twisties.

Aside from its looks, Midy gave this bike some pretty high-performance components. The power plant is a bespoke liquid-cooled 1000-cc boxer twin engine (think BMW) that puts out 106 horsepower with 74 lbs-ft of torque. For stopping power, the Midual is outfitted with Brembo monoblock calipers. The bike ships with Öhlins suspension both front and rear to smooth out those back roads.

The Midual Type 1 is slated to go into production for delivery in 2016. But even then, it is doubtful that we will be seeing it on the road often, since it comes with a price tag of approximately $185,000.

  • Source: Asphalt and Rubber
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