This past week Apple officially confirmed the September 9 iPhone announcement event, Naomi Campbell went topless for Interview magazine by Mert & Marcus, Eli Reed skated through the Playboy Mansion in “Lost Paradise,” and Sushi Master Naomichi Yasuda taught the world the proper way to eat sushi. Below you’ll find a roundup of our favorite comments from the week, spanning the aforementioned posts and a few others. As of late, our comments have been somewhat lacking in quality. So please be sure to step your game up and supply us with some funny, interesting and bizarre comments for next week, and in the meantime check out this week’s finest below.

#10 commented on: Back to School Week | Buyer’s Guide: Stationery for the Upcoming School Year

Indeed: Bruh I didnt even finish paying tuition yet and you want me to pay $135 for a Cork Globe and $72 for a Feather pen.

FunkPhD: Just glue a feather to a Bic.


#09 commented on: Back To School Week | 4 Things to Check Before Buying a New Backpack

FailedHipster: 4 things to check:’s not Herschel supply’s not Herschel supply
3 it’s not Herschel supply
4. Where’s my receipt, I need to return it, its Herschel supply.


#08 commented on: Ralph Lauren Unveils the Next Evolution of Wearable Technology

avodkadeaux: how do i wash dis


#07 commented on: Been Trill x KTZ Fall/Winter 2014 Collection

Christopher Lynn: nothing says winter like mesh


#06 commented on: Sneaker Rotation | Wil Fry

sarcastic respondant: ah i see, what an astounding variety of footwear. this diverse selection truly expresses a well-cultured appreciation for design and aesthetic.


#05 commented on: Most Expensive Apartment in the World Due to Go On Sale

Jake: From an architectural point of view, this building is defiantly nothing special. It really hurts me to see ‘architecturally illiterate’ individuals admire it when their’s important and interesting architectural projects which don’t receive any attention due to their lack of novelty. P.S. If you’ve never heard of a sky pool, check out marina bay sands.

M: speaking of illiterate..


#04 commented on: Apple Officially Confirms September 9 iPhone Announcement Event

Josh Bias: No one will be interested as they’ll all be playing Destiny.


#03 commented on: Sushi Master Naomichi Yasuda Teaches the Proper Way to Eat Sushi

Juan Sanchez: Leave the shaking for the men’s room.


#02 commented on: Naomi Campbell Goes Topless for ‘Interview’ Magazine by Mert & Marcus

JMO: I hope my tits look that good when I’m her age. And I’m a man


#01 commented on: Watch Eli Reed Skate the Playboy Mansion in “Lost Paradise”

Scott Kendall: Oh cool a Playboy video with no nudity. Next do a Nike post with no shoes.

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