Converse know how to throw down a party. Not just one party but a series of them throughout an evening, week, and month like an overwhelming amount of courses constantly being served up in a fancy dinner and that’s well reflected when sporting a pair of Chuck Taylors. The complete extreme opposite of worrying sneakerhead mentality to keep your kicks as fresh as possible — sneakers are supposed to be worn out on road and appreciated, rather than kept as deadstock or tiptoeing around in them to avoid creases and scuffs a la toe box christenings — a pair of All Stars always look great no matter how battered they get. They hold their identity and integrity, and show character, living to tell the tale of some serious shenanigans with what Converse have to offer in through their #SNEAKERSWOULD campaign. It embodies Converse’s rebellious attitude and youthful spirit.

Coinciding with the Fall 2014 launch of the Converse All Star sneaker collection, #SNEAKERSWOULD is brought to life via an innovative interactive platform — The Ticket — getting Converse’s fans online to experience “now-or-never” opportunities in London, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, and Amsterdam during the months of September and October.

The Ticket is an access-all-areas virtual world as a downloadable free browser extension, brimming full of a mixture of films, games, GIFs and images. The best thing of The Ticket is it gives impulsive invitations to over 70 live shows, festivals and parties in Europe. Spontaneity is key by both fans and the brand, as anything can happen in a matter of hours and transported to extraordinary venues by Converse’s Get In & Go bus.

In true essence, #SNEAKERSWOULD invites fans to do what you normally wouldn’t. Even by invite with The Ticket, you genuinely feel like you’re sneaking in to the event. For instance, we watched quirk-pop quartet Glass Animals perform in Abney Park Cemetery — we like to see it as a way of celebrating life being in the location of choice — in East London, accompanied by models dressed up in trippy animal costumes, before being whisked away on the Get In & Go bus to another after party at a crazy venue (a converted ex-town hall). Our Chuck Taylor All Stars not only held themselves up, but also got beat up and they look good for it.

Surprisingly, we and you’ll discover more about your city, as you get transported to next-level venues you never knew existed and build a greater appreciation of the area.  Get involved with the #SNEAKERSWOULD campaign to find out more, and check out the video below to see what you can be in for.

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Words by Staff
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