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One of photography’s age-old limitations is the need to physically press the shutter on a camera to take a photo. In the early days, self-timers worked around this, then came the cable release and finally the remote shutter, yet all of these options have one major drawback: they use the same bulky, often expensive, camera body you would normally shoot with, limiting the range of circumstances in which remote shooting is possible.

Now Casio have developed a way around that. Their brand new 16.8 megapixel EXILIM “Split Camera” consists of two detachable, entirely separate parts – a camera and a remote control unit – that allow photos to be taken from almost any angle and at huge distance. While the standard assembly makes it an ideal selfie making-machine, by unclipping the small, lightweight, and water- and impact-resistant camera you can take group shots from far away or experiment with all manner of unusual perspectives without the need for someone with their finger on the shutter. Furthermore, the various available attachments allow you to fix the camera to anything from your shirt pocket, to your forehead, to the palm of your hand, opening up some incredibly varied potential for candid photography. Full specifications for the device can be found here. We expect some interesting results in the months to come.

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