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Earlier this month, time-honored American sneaker brand PF Flyers teamed up with menswear giant Todd Snyder to release the Rambler Suede Pack: a range of shoes designed specifically for the modern well-dressed man. As part of their Dapper Deconstructed campaign, we asked a selection of impeccably stylish contemporary gentlemen for some tips on how they make the footwear work for them…

Good style is a 360-degree affair. You can’t simply take care of one area and hope the others will look after themselves; it’s about applying that philosophy to all corners of your life equally. That’s something Jace Lipstein understands, and it’s the guiding principle behind his highly regarded website, branding agency and online store, Grungy Gentleman.

Covering everything from fashion to sports, entertainment, technology and travel, Grungy Gentleman serves as a go-to resource for men who aspire to the same level of informed, worldly wisdom as the traditional, turn-of-the-century gent… only with a less archaic dress sense. The company’s frequent collaborations with premium designers have produced a range of sporty-chic clothing that’s smart enough to transcend any outdated stereotypes of what a “respectable” man should wear. Then again, as Jace points out, there are certain aspects of the traditional approach that will never go out of fashion…

“Invest in a tailor; it changes everything,” he asserts. “Tailoring clothes eliminates a lot of the concerns people have when getting dressed; if you have garments that fit you perfectly, you will leave your apartment every single day with confidence.”

It’s true that, today, the benefits of personal tailoring are often overlooked, but if you’re the type of person with a large wardrobe, getting each item you own cut to fit can be a costly business. “If you have to pick one item, then every man should own an impeccably tailored black or navy blazer,” Jace continues, gesticulating towards his own. “Clean, versatile and incredibly reliable. Own one of these and you will be set for almost any occasion, smart or casual.”

This freedom to move between high- and low-brow social scenarios is important in a city like New York, which is why the Todd Snynder x PF Flyers Rambler sneakers work so well here. “They’re a combination of sneaker and dress shoe. Being monochromatic they have no aesthetic distractions, and the satin-suede body allows them to take on various stylistic roles,” he explains. “They’re versatile enough to keep one’s look understated with denim and a solid t-shirt, or to dress up a little with chinos, sweaters and even a blazer.”

But versatility aside, what Jace really looks for in a shoe – just like in a garment – is the fit. “Remember: comfort means confidence,” he signs off. And he didn’t even have to take them to a tailor…

For more style tips from PF Flyers and other contemporary creatives, check out their fantastic blog. Meanwhile, to find out how a pair of Todd Snyder x PF Flyer Ramblers fit you, click here.

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