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Just as they’ve done in the past, Dom Pérignon enlisted one of the world’s leading artists to interpret this year’s theme, metamorphosis. Signifying the closure of one period and the birth of another, metamorphosis is a powerful symbol of evolution, transformation and renaissance. To celebrate this, Iris van Herpen designed a mesmerizing premium creation, inspired by the importance of time in crafting Dom Pérignon.

Inspired by fossils, the metamorphosis recalls the nature that inspires Dom Pérignon, reminiscent of that which has been slowly yet energetically shaped by nature over an extended period of time. A bottle of Dom Pérignon Vintage 2004 lays horizontally in the structure, taking its place as if it has been growing there for centuries, yet at the same time projecting itself into the future and its next transformation. Magnetized and covered in the prickly formations, the structure of the wine embraces movement and energy. Crafted from a dark green, stone-like material, the structure suggests both rapid and slow metamorphosis, symbolizing a simultaneous look at both the past and the future.

The limited edition gift box that accompanies Dom Pérignon Vintage 2004 comes signed by the artist, while renowned creative visionary Daniel Sannwald bestowed his aura to the metamorphosis in an artistically daring digital video, seen below. Find out more straight from DomPérignon.com.

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