There might be no other tech company that has proved the way Apple did on how important design is for a successful product. Steve Jobs, when returning to the company in the mid to late ’90s, made sure that every product that came out of Apple from there on out was not only impressive in functionality, but also in design. Together with Jony Ive, Jobs built the design language that we have all come to appreciate in the last two decades. This week a major design hire has been announced by Apple. Legendary industrial designer Marc Newson has joined the Cupertino company and will work under Jony Ive, his long time friend. The two have already worked together for over a year on designing 40 products for the (RED) Auction in collaboration with Bono. Among those products was also an impressive Leica M and a Mac Pro. If this is only a first hint, one can assume that some impressive products will be coming out of this new team at Apple in the future. Newson has designed everything from interior products to fashion and will for sure lead to an interesting direction at Apple.

Check out 10 Thing That We Would Like To See in the iPhone 7 here, and do not miss to preview a close mockup of the iPhone 6 here, with the final announcement to come next week.

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