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While we do support the Made-in-America movement and have introduced brand after brand that uphold things like craft, pride and good business, the “Made in USA” phrase can get a bit monotonous. We do yearn for more skilled jobs in America, but we don’t really condone marketing gimmicks to move product.

Now, forget everything we said above. We are more than excited to introduce a brand (more like an operation) that does things a bit differently — meet Chicago’s Stock Mfg. Yes, they produce everything in America — that’s because they own and operate their own factory (kind of like our friends at Knickerbocker MFG). The operation is certified Mil-Spec which means they are qualified to make garments for the United States Military. We can imagine that their own wears stand up to extremely high standards.

Today, we take a look at their latest joint project made in collaboration with blogger Super Danger. Working around the idea of a “casual suit,” Stock produced two get-ups in khaki and navy, along with two other pop-over shirting options. Learn more about Stock and shop their full collection here.

Words by Thomas Welch
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