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Sailormade has introduced more bracelets to its repertoire. And, as with the popularity of the boat shoe, the brand is proving you don’t have to have any sailing chops to appreciate a bit of nautical inspiration.

According to the brand, the essence of its DNA lies in the freedom of open water. Whether kayaking, sailing, diving or swimming, the expansiveness of being adrift in a seemingly endless body of water has the ability to clear the mind and provide a sense of liberation that’s hard to find on the cramped quarters of land. Sailormade wanted to impart a little piece of that free floating feeling to everyday life.

Brand owner Carla Sinatra was drawn to the hook because of its functionality and aesthetic value. Each Sailormade hook is made with a four-part process using a rare wax casting method. The Brummel Hook — also known as the Inglefield Clip or the Sister Hook — is a hardware invented in the 1890s, originally used on boats to easily attach and raise flags for signaling. As the centerpiece of every bracelet, the Brummel Hook truly provides a direct link to the open water.

Shop Sailormade’s bracelets here, with prices ranging from $52 to $122.

Words by Stephanie Smith-Strickland
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