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If you prefer good, cold whiskey over an elaborately (and weirdly) named cocktail, then you should be interested in the Whiskey Wedge. This nifty little gadget solves the age-old conundrum of how to achieve an ice cold glass of spirits without watering down their natural flavors.

The trick is in a silicone mold. In addition to a standard glass, the Whiskey Wedge set includes a silicone “wedge” whose volume takes up half of the cup. Simply pour water into the glass, insert the silicone, and freeze for at least four hours. Remove the silicone when the ice has frozen and enjoy. The uniquely shaped wedge melts more slowly than traditional ice cubes, allowing you to sip slowly. Of course, you can still take it straight down the hatch if you’re into that. You can get the Whiskey Wedge for $15. No brainer.

  • Source: Uncrate
Words by Stephanie Smith-Strickland
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