This week In The Mail, we got some cold weather luxuries, handsome eyewear, commuting essentials and a fancy bag to carry ’em all.

Parabellum for #Heineken100 Canvas Tote

Heineken kick off their 2014 #Heineken100 campaign looking to LA-based accessories label Parabellum. When the brand was challenged to use something different than leather, they produced their first-ever cotton canvas bag. Details like black ceramic rivets and a tracking device make this bag ahead of the game, plus they added a few hits of their signature bison leather for a touch of luxury. Although this is not for sale, we suggest keeping up with Parabellum. Cheers!


City Seat
If you live in a major metropolitan city, then you probably know the treacherous yet brilliant convenience of bike rental systems (in our case in New York, Citi Bike). We love hopping on a bike at will, but more times than not, we run into issues — a major one being cleanliness. City Seat graced us with two of their portable seat covers to protect our behind from the grimy and sometimes wet seats of Citi Bike and the like. Thank, guys. Pick up a CitySeat online.

Alex Mill Scarves

We’re excited for these. The New York designer, known for his elegant yet relaxed wears from shirting to handkerchiefs, send us a couple scarves to prep for the winter and look forward to the spring. The cashmere Red/Oat will get some love this season while the indigo-dyed one is a peek at their next collection. Find more through Alex Mill.

Warby Parker “Kidd” Frames 

Warby Parker sent us their latest “Kidd” frames to test out. Made in collaboration with 826NYC and 826LA, a non-profit promoting creative writing for the youth, the round lenses and key-hole bridge give off that geeky intellectual vibe. Nothing wrong with that. Learn more about 826NYC and pick up a pair of the new frames at Warby Parker.

Words by Thomas Welch
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