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After years of longing from old-school aficionados, once-iconic sneaker brand LA Gear has announced that it will be returning to the world of athletic footwear, reissuing models from its archive and working with West Coast rapper Tyga (who has taken on the fishy sounding title of “Creative Brand Advisor” and will be releasing his own signature line) to bring the brand back to the spotlight. Founded in 1983 and fondly remembered for their light-up LA Lights sneakers, the brand was once seen on the feet of everyone from Michael Jackson, Kareem Abdul Jabar and Wayne Gretzky to Belinda Carlisle, Paula Abdul and Joe Montana. We’re not going to lie, the build quality on some of these models does not look fantastic, but nostalgic sneakerheads wanting to relive the ’80s and ’90s through their feet can do so over at the LA Gear webstore.

Words by Alec Leach
Freelance Writer/Editor/Consultant

Alec Leach grew up in Brighton, England, but now lives in Berlin

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