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Created to offer young creatives a chance to get their start in the international art market, the 2014 BLOOOM Award by WARSTEINER concluded and saw 25-year-old Samira Elagoz take home the first place prize. With her very first video project, Four Kings, the Amsterdam-based Finnish artist beat out more than 1,200 applicants from 65 countries. The documentary shows the artist meeting with strangers who had responded to her online advertisement. Elagoz visited them in their homes and captured the meetings in surroundings that were unfamiliar to her. Be sure to check out the film’s trailer below.

In addition to the prize for Samira Elagoz, the awards ceremony granted Stephanie Lüning second place for her installation, Schauminsel (Foam Island). In this project, a foam machine connected to various water tanks produced a colorful mountain of foam with shifting shapes and dimensions. Yi Zheng Lin was also pleased with a third place win for his project Septembersehnen (September Longing), which showed a “floral world” made of blooming plastic, with garbage bags turning into blossoms. The winning projects, along with those of the other seven finalists, were part of a special exhibition at BLOOOM, which ran until October 27 and saw both casual and obsessive art fans check out the impressive works.

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