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We recently had the honor of attending the fifth annual Le Cabinet de Curiosités of Thomas Erber that set its sights to Asia for 2014. After a successful show in New York with Kitsuné (see here), the Cabinet partnered with creative concept shop SIWILAI at the Grand Central Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand. No, not a national embassy – rather, one of the most luxurious shopping institutions we have ever stepped foot inside. A mammoth grid-like wooden structure projecting five stories was custom crafted as the centerpiece and main display for the Cabinet’s current collection of rarities.

Here’s the idea – bring together the world’s most promising creatives, artists and designers to produce one-of-a-kind or extremely limited items for a select audience. The concept of a “Cabinet de Curiosités” dates back to Renaissance Europe where art and items of cultural significance were collected and showcased to display the splendor and sheer wonder of worldly objects of the times. Thomas Erber contemporized this age-old practice as a force acting against the dull and often mass-produced nature of modern “luxury goods.” His cabinet showcases a collection of items that evoke a true sense of mystery, wonder and delicacy.

So what does this entail? A crocodile upholstered motorcycle, an Andy Warhol Book, Watersnake Common Projects, and a luxury ping-pong table to name just a few.

See the full Cabinet de Curiosités above and learn more online.

  • Photography: Thomas Welch for Highsnobiety.com
Lead Photographer
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