In March we reported about the new Wu-Tang Clan album The Wu – Once Upon A Time In Shaolin. The release got a lot of attention because the secret double album would only be made available to one person, who would be able to purchase the album for several million USD. At the time it was announced that the album would be touring around the globe before being handed over to its owner. Apparently it has come out now that Skrillex, the DJ and electronic dance music producer, was the one that bought the album for $5 million. Not only has he bought the album, as confirmed by Wu-Tang producer Cilvaringz in a forum today, but the album actually made an appearance at the end of Skrillex’s recent “Fuck That” music video. Skrillex could certainly afford the album, as he has been named several years in a row as one of the best paid DJs by Forbes.

Update: Skrillex did not buy the album. Complex spoke with Cilvaringz and here’s what he had to say:

“Bro that was a joke, the album is not sold to Skrillex. It’s only in his new video for the song “Fuck That.” I would assume the sale of the album would be a grand official announcement, not a simple “yup” joking around with forum members we’ve been talking to for years.”

Cilvaringz also chimed in via the comments below, saying:

“Not sold at all. The ‘yup’ comment was a reply to the second post above, not to ‘skrillex buying the album’.”

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