Tumblr has contributed its end-of-year lineup to the pile, joining a selection of roundups that includes the Best New TV Shows of 2014, the Trends that Defined Style in 2014, and even a look over to 18 upcoming albums from next year. The blogging network published a variety of its most reblogged topics, ranging from food to songs to autos, and even cosplay. Naturally, we were most drawn towards what fashion brands got all those Tumblr users in a reblogging frenzy, and the list is probably telling of Tumblr’s main usership.

Check out the top 5 below and visit the Tumblr feature to find out the rest.

1. Nike (official Tumblr)
2. Chanel
3. Vans (official Tumblr)
4. Dior (official Tumblr)
5. Versace (official Tumblr)

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