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Last summer, retailer Joyce China collaborated with fashion wild child Thom Browne and milliner Stephen Jones to present an in-store installation based on Browne’s Fall/Winter 2014 “Animals and Hunters” collection. Browne’s whimsical theme was carried over in Jones’ headwear via animal shapes crafted from the same fabric as the collection’s clothing with wire framing and other methods used to create horns and antlers where needed.

Our creative director Edward Chiu visited the exhibition while in Hong Kong and was inspired to create his own series of images depicting the animals Jones’ hats represented. For the project, Chiu sourced wildlife images which he then collaged with photographs of the hats to “subtly re-appropriate” the physically existing items in a visually stimulating photomontage. Take a look at the series exclusively here in the gallery above.

Words by Stephanie Smith-Strickland
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