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Tokyo-based design studio Yuruliku is the collaborative brainchild of designers Kohshi Ikegami and Kinue Ohneda. The pair christened the studio by combining the Japanese words for “relaxing” (yururi) and “slowly” (yukkuri) to create a name they felt reflected their point of view.

Ultimately, Ikegami and Ohenda say they want to make speciality stationery, items and accessories that impart happiness into the world. This is so important to them that their studio works around the never-changing theme of the “little humor found in everyday life.”

Much of their work takes the form of stationery, notepads and bags (and even the bags have notebook designs); this is perhaps due largely to the fact that Ikegami attended a design school where he studied bag-making and textiles. Ohneda, who also attended design school, studied silk-screening and stationery manufacturing. Upon graduating, both worked for other companies for sometime before joining forces to start their own business. It’s always wonderful to see creatives successfully striking out on their own to do what they love while loving what they do.

Learn more about Yuruliku here and shop their products here.

Words by Stephanie Smith-Strickland
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