It’s a sad fact of life that your ice-white tee will never stay that way for good. Like a crisp bed of untrodden snow, one day someone’s going to ruin it. Yet now, upstart Australian brand Threadsmiths has developed a solution to the stained-tee woes of neat freaks everywhere. Utilizing similar technology to that seen in sneakerhead-favorite Crep Protect, the company’s “Cavalier” T-shirt has been impregnated with a hydrophobic coating that means liquids literally roll off its surface like water off a duck’s back. What’s more, it looks and feels just like a regular cotton tee, with no noticeable synthetic feel against the skin.

It kind of needs to be seen to be believed, so if the rather melodramatic, blockbuster-esque promo video above doesn’t give you the complete picture, check out the product in full, condiment-defying action underneath. The T-shirts themselves, meanwhile, can be purchased via the Threadsmiths website.

Words by AJ Gwilliam
Features Editor

Proud Brit. Pathologically addicted to white trainers (AKA "sneakers").

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