You’ll never have to worry about losing your wallet again thanks to Where’s Wallet by MIJLO. MIJLO has inserted a small, unobtrusive sensor into each of their wallets, as you can then download the Where’s Wallet app to your smartphone. You simply set your range specifications, and once you have gone further than your allotted measurement, an alarm will go off on your phone, notifying you that you’ve traveled too far without your wallet. The app will then quickly direct you back to your missing wallet.

MIJLO’s wallets come optioned in a trio of styles — a three-slot card holder, a bi-fold, and a classic clutch. Each wallet has been comprised of fine vegetable-tanned leather and comes offered in various colorway options. The card holder will run you $49 USD, while the bi-fold retails at $69 and the clutch, $99 USD.

To support MIJLO’s Where’s Wallet project, as well as to purchase a wallet, follow to their Kickstarter today.

Not NYC, not LA.

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