For this weeks Best Free Tracks, the abundance of quality downloads the internet had to offer brought our regular feature up to a grand total of ten. That means even more music for your collection – and zero damage to your bank account.

Disproving the theory of free lunches, we like to serve up a selection of the tastiest tracks on a silver platter every so often for the grand total of zero. Following up last week’s The 5 Best Free Tracks of the Week, this time we’re coming at you with an additional five for a total of ten free downloads. With no catches or hidden strings, we took the time to source the freshest ingredients in preparing ten different offerings from all over in order to provide a balanced diet. Our specials this week includes a Sinjin Hawke salad with Ludacris, Jeremih and Wiz Khalifa, served alongside an 14-year matured slab of prime beats seasoned by British duo Bodhi. We also have servings from Selvy, Stwo and Alfred English à la carte.

Grab a napkin, pull your chair up to the table, and dig in. Bon appetit!

Ludacris, Jeremih, Cashmere Cat, Wiz Khalifa – “Party Girls (Sinjin Hawke Remix)”

Another week, and another collaboration featuring Cashmere Cat somewhere in the mix. This time round, the prolific Norwegian producer first laid the foundation of “Party Girls,” originally put out last year on Def Jam, and ended up featuring hip hop heavyweights Ludacris, Wiz Khalifa and Jeremih.

More recently, the guys at Southern Hospitality have put together a remix package surrounding the track, and invited Brodinski, Lunice, and Sinjin Hawke to work their magic on the sex-fuelled slow jam that is. What’s better, they’re releasing them all for free – thanks guys!

Wrap your ears around our favourite of the three from Sinjin Hawke, but check the others to make your own decision on the matter.

Inner City – “Good Love (Bodhi Remix)”

British duo Bodhi blessed us with their rework of an old Inner City track as a romantic gesture around V-day, and speeds up the tempo somewhat from a slow jam pace, instead providing a soundtrack to get sweaty somewhere amongst the strobed shadows and the heavy heave of a dancefloor.

Designed for the big room, this belter of a remix works just as nice in your earplugs. Grab your free edit from the guys below.

Stwo & Elhae – “Oceans”

If you were single on Febraury 14, at least there was the traditional slew of people posting up productions and heart-shaped mixtapes. And like the previous track from Bodhi, 20-year old Parisian producer Stwo also took the opportunity to celebrate the occasion by sharing his wavey collaboration with Atlanta-based singer-slash-rapper Elhae in the form of “Oceans”. “Baby making music” reads an accurate Soundcloud comment, Stwo’s blissed out brand of beat is the perfect vehicle for Elhae’s arresting voice. The latter recently released his Aura EP by the way, and it’s pretty good if you’re interested.

For now, download “Oceans” for free.

Drake – “Know Yourself (Ekali Edit)”

If you’re reading this, you already know about Drake‘s new album. And as expected, over the last week or so, many a remixer seems to have tried their hand at adding their own personal touch to the new tracks – our favourite probably being this one from Ekali. Bass up on max, and not overstepping the oft tread boundary of being respectful to the original, this may even be better? You tell us..

Check out the track below.

Alfred English – “Alfred Out The Whip”

Whilst a great song in and of itself, I wouldn’t be surprised if the rights to this bright, bouncy rubber ball of a track from Alfred English gets bought up by a big name rapper to spit over in the not so distant future. Sampling Miami bass banger classic “I Wanna Rock (Doo Doo Brown)”, listen for yourself and prepare to turn up and throw down to the sounds of English. Alfred English.

Grab it for free.

Truant – “Weh Dem A Don’t (Victora Rhythm)”

It’s probably safe to say that the surge in dubstep’s popularity circa 2006 seems to have settled somewhat, yet the flame still burns strong over at FatKidOnFire. Continuing to act as a catalyst for the scene, they recently shared a surprisingly catchy Mavado edit from Truant by the name of “Weh Dem A Don’t” – a stripped back dubplate kind of affair.

Hit play and raise your lighter in the air.

Ejeca – “Monkey Island”

The quality of productions from Belfast’s Ejeca never ceases to please. Perhaps known best for his expertise when it comes to house and techno, the man’s love of music manifested in the establishment of his own Exploris imprint last year. But more recently, he made a cheeky track available (as you may have guessed) for free on his Soundcloud. “Monkey Island” is an unapologetic four-to-the-floor roller suited to keep you moving at the 4AM mark as is the producer’s signature ability.

Get it below.

Akiine – “Destiny”

This track from Swedish songstress Akiine is only available for one week, so act fast and add it to your song collection swiftly. I could tell you that “Destiny” is a blissful dream of R&B, or that her vocal talent evokes the memory of a young Janet Jackson, but I feel I’d be wasting our time when you could go ahead, hit play, and let her words work their magic.

Download “Destiny” double time, or if you’re reading this a couple weeks late off of the mark, keep an eye out for more from her in the future.

Bob Marley – “Misty Morning (Skeeter Remix)”

A couple of days ago, the family of Bob Marley won a landmark lawsuit against all unauthorized merchandise sellers bearing Bob’s likeness. Millions of items the world over – largely marijuana paraphernalia and bootleg T-shirts – will now be considered an infringement. However, this particular bootleg is something we’re sure will sit well with the Marley family. Brazilian producer Skeeter adds his touch to Bob Marley & The Wailers 1978 classic “Misty Morning” and brings the track into 2015 with a bang.

Is this love? Maybe.

Selvy – “Calliope’s Dream”

Amongst the xlnt selection of tracks that XLR8R regularly share online, we recently came across this smooth, afrocentric disco delight from Polish producer Selvy. After repeated listens to “Calliope’s Dream,” you’ll find yourself getting lost in your own train of thought without even realising it. And that brings us to the last stop in our tour of our favourite five free tracks from the week.


Words by Moses Wiener
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