Following a blistering performance during Kanye West’s debut of “All Day” at the 2015 BRIT Awards, Brooklyn musician Theophilus London has been on the tips of everyone’s tongues. In the latest video from Canadian media company MONTREALITY, viewers have the chance to get to know the Trinidad-born artist a little better. London discusses his upbringing, Kanye’s influence on his career, and how he spends his free time.

Around the 1:30 mark, Theo talks about his first rap, inspired by Pharrell and Kanye, and at 2:42 talks about his contribution to So Help Me God. Other interesting, offbeat topics are touched upon too, including his favorite cartoon character (5:04), favorite video games (5:41), and his love for cinema (6:48).

Check out the interview above and watch the talked-about performance here.

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