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Two friends, Seunghoon Lee (nicknamed Mama) and Wonmyoung Choi, were passionate about founding a clothing brand of their own. The fruit of their labor ripened in 2010 with withMNW, the capitalized part of which stands for “Mama and Wonmyoung.” By attaching “with” at the front of its name, the brand intends to complete their universe with the outside world by interacting with its customers and other brands.

For Spring/Summer 2015, this interaction comes in the form of a playfully action-packed video, starring a samurai figurine who wars with food to create the perfect hamburger. The seemingly random film actually draws from withMNW’s inspiration — good food — which gives its latest collection the aptly-named title, “Good Food Market.”

Having grown up in 1990s Seoul, Lee and Choi took from ’90s sports uniforms, vintage daywear and manhwas (Korean for “cartoon”; the Korean equivalent to “mangas”) to design their spring clothes, giving the collection an overall casual aesthetic. The designers utilized ’90s printing techniques to yield nostalgic colorations, giving crewneck T-shirts photographic and illustrative prints of hamburgers and candy bars. The assortment has plenty of comfortable sweats and jeans, with many sporting the brand’s smiley patch which has become its signature.

For the film, withMNW worked with figurine artist Kido, musician Hyundo Lee and producer Vegetarian Pitbull. They dressed the samurai figure in clothes from the collection, miniaturizing them so that it can successfully win the “three gruesome battles with the tomatoes, onions and patty.”

withMNW is currently available in Korea’s Nevergreenstore Underground, Slow Steady Club (owned and operated by Blankof) and Manhattan’s, with plans to expand stateside soon.

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