It’s been a week of new revelations, enlightening conversation and innovative design discoveries here at Selectism. As always, we’ve found each and every story to be deserving of a second look, but there have also been a few standouts. Keep reading to see 10 staff selected articles worth rediscovering.


United Arrows and Art Comes First Short Film

Our friends at United Arrows have been collaborating with design collective Art Comes First (ACF) for quite some time. Recently, the Japan-based concept store provided its customers an opportunity to get to know Shaka Maidoh and Sam Lambert, the creatives behind ACF, on a more personal level. They spent a day following the duo around London, and subsequently produced a short film of the footage. Click to enjoy.


Our Interview with Bespoke Eye Glasses Maker Wesley Knight 

25-year-old Wesley Knight has been working with his hands since the age of 13. He translated his love of craft into the eponymous brand Wesley Knight Bespoke. We had the opportunity to chat with Nashville-based bespoke eyeglasses maker when he set up temporary shot at Leffot’s West Village store. Read on to learn more about his business, inspirations and future plans.


Our Interview with Folk Clothing Founder Cathal McAteer

London-based Folk Clothing was founded by Cathal McAteer in 2001. Prior to launching Folk, McAteer had worked at a number of iconic retailers, providing him a wealth of experience to put towards his own venture. Our London editor had the pleasure of sitting down with him for a lengthy and very enlightening chat. This one’s a great read.


An In-Depth Look at Data Findings in Menswear

Our London correspondent employs his typical panache-filled writing style to bring us some insights on the reliability of menswear data. If you’ve ever wondered how much stock you can put into trend forecasts, quarterly reports etc., this is the article for you.


The 1970’s Inspired Wren HIFI Stereo Console

Editor Jeff Carvalho was immediately taken by Wren HIFI’s beautifully made stereo console. The system draws inspiration from the 1970’s when vinyl was king; and, it incorporates the best the past with some must-have contemporary features. Learn more above.


Our Interview with Steve Shaw of “Treats!” Magazine

Photographer Steve Shaw’s road to founding and becoming editor-in-chief of “Treats!” Magazine was quite the excursion. He came by our office to discuss his beginnings in Northern England, what inspired him to start the publication, and his opinions on the fine line between art and exploitation.


A Look at Hermès’ First Timepiece Range in 20 Years

The illustrious house of Hermès has made huge strides in expansion since its early days. However, timepieces were one category the brand seemed to have put on the back burner–until very recently. For the first time in almost 20 years Hermès presented a new range of watches. The Parisian luxury brand couldn’t have picked a better time or place to do it; they unveiled the new series at Baselworld in Geneva.


Inside the First Edition of “Bang!” Erotic Zine

Photographer Jonathan Leder worked with Imperial Pictures to publish a new erotic zine entitled “Bang!”. The first issue features cinematic photography supported by a series of first-person writings penned by a woman who has worked across the globe as a stripper. It’s an enlightening read for anyone curious about the realistic side of the profession.


A Look Inside the New Toronto Location of  Old Faithful Shop

Homeware store Old Faithful provides some excitement for Toronto-based lovers of objects for the abode. They recently announced the opening of a new Toronto location, located inside a charming 100-year-old building.


Inside the Home of Acclaimed Art Director Sam Shahid

There’s nothing better than an intimate look at the home life of an admired creative. The “New York Times” provided just that with a tour of Art Director Sam Shahid’s Greenwich Village home. Though you may not know Shahid by name, you’ll surely recognize the hyper-sexualized Abercrombie & Fitch advertisements of the ’90s, for which he is responsible.

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