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Equator-warmed, briny sea breezes, flowing drinks and bewitchingly beautiful people who seem to have come straight out of a high-fashion glossy – that’s the scene Mario Testino has created for  CÎROC® ultra-premium vodka’s new “On Arrival” campaign, set in Rio de Janeiro. Front and center of the legendary fashion photographer’s lens are Rio-born model Mayana Moura and São Paulo-based style blogger Helena Borden. Celebratory in nature, the images represent that (sometimes) unattainable high popular culture and mass media encourages us to chase: success, wealth and those rich, gilded moments of pure unadulterated happiness.

According to CÎROC®, Moura and Helena were handpicked by Testino, as they both represent a certain standard of success. The former was discovered by Testino at the age of 17 and went on  produce a solo musical album, while the latter owns and runs one of the most popular fashion and lifestyle blogs in the world.

Testino himself weighed in on the project stating, “I have a very special connection with Rio and it has had a very important influence on my work. I came from a traditional and quite conservative society in Lima, Peru, but when I got to Rio I experienced a freedom and life that I was not used to. It was instantly enlightening. These two opposite influences have long inspired me in my work, it’s like a friction that can produce some interesting results.”

Learn more about CÎROC and take a peek behind-the-scenes of Testino’s shoot below.

Please drink responsibly.

Words by Staff
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