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Everyone knows junk food is pure crap (the clue is in the name). Don’t get us wrong, sometimes there’s nothing on Earth we want more than to demolish jumbo bag of Cheetos topped off with Miracle Whip, but we’ve never once looked down at meal that came in a bag and felt proud of what was about to happen…

But there’s one man on a mission to strip away that shame. His name is Jaques LeMerde*, and he’s out there giving junk food a good name. Via his Instagram feed, Jaques has been preparing Michelin-grade haute cuisine using nothing but the finest processed foods and store-bought snacks. No fresh produce. No locally-sourced, artisan ingredients. Just 100% grade-A junk, flash frozen and artfully arranged on a plate to make you feel like you’re dining at NOMA, even if you’re sat on your couch. In your underwear. At 3 p.m. on a Tuesday.

Feast your eyes on all of Jaques’ creations, right here.

*that’s probably not his real name.

Words by AJ Gwilliam
Features Editor

Proud Brit. Pathologically addicted to white trainers (AKA "sneakers").

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