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It’s been awhile since we’ve checked in with the folks at AÃRK. In fact, the last time was when our London editor took a look at the brand’s “Classic Premium” range. More recently, the Melbourne-based company has released a second collection of unisex timepieces under the moniker “002.” Where collection 001 explored the interactions between colors and geometric shapes, collection 002 bypasses planet earth and concentrates on ideas of space and time.

One prominent, space-themed point of inspiration was “the golden record,” a time capsule created for the NASA Voyager interstellar mission, which launched in 1977. The Voyager is still in space today, and AÃRK attempted to visually manifest its journey through the use of disc shapes, horizons, arcs and temporal motifs.

Even though the company’s inspiration was interstellar, the materials are all homegrown. The collection features premium Horween leather straps, hand-dipped gold casings, custom-designed links and laser-cut indexes.

Collection 002 is available in-store and online through AÃRK now.

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