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Bites by Highsnobiety is a recurring series focused on showcasing unique and noteworthy dishes from around the world. Our exploration is centered around signature recipes that shy away from the conventional, the established, or the expected. This time around we visit Zenkichi to try the Homemade Silk Tofu.

Homemade Silk Tofu

Ingredients: Silk tofu, dashi sauce, katsuobushi flakes, grated daikon (with chili peppers), scallions

Origins: Prepared fresh every day, the tofu is made using nigari (natural magnesium concentrate from the ocean) and rich Japanese soy milk from Japan’s Mie prefecture.

Restaurant: From the minds behind House of Small Wonder, one of Berlin’s coziest establishments, comes Zenkichi. Whereas the former incorporates a very approachable scope of Japanese flavors with café influences, the latter is a more full and authentic representation of Japanese cuisine. Descending into the moodily lit basement restaurant, you might entirely forget that you’re in Berlin and mistake your surroundings for an upscale Tokyo izakaya. Following a narrow path of polished stones that snakes through the restaurant will lead you to your table, partially partitioned by curtains for privacy. Aside from the atmosphere, one of Zenkichi’s biggest draws is its selection of premium sake, the selection of which is overseen by sake sommelier Motoko Watanabe, who is able to provide the perfect sake pairings for your meal, or even a tasting flight of assorted labels.
Johannisstraße 20
10117 Berlin

  • Photography: Chris Danforth for Highsnobiety.com
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