Director Chris Malloy first noticed third generation Chilean surfer Ramón Navarro when he was a teenager, fearlessly riding the waves of Punta de Lobos. Since then, the tough kid who didn’t blink an eye at learning to surf in cold water — sans wetsuit — has grown into an equally fearless adult. Now the star of short film “The Fisherman’s Son,” Malloy follows Navarro with Patagonia on a journey to protect his beloved home waters from commercial development, pushing to turn the beach into a protected World Surfing Reserve. The 30-minute film demonstrates not only the pro-surfer’s passion for his country’s wonders, but also the community he has built around it, from neighbors to an impressive list of international recognized surfers.

Catch the trailer above and view the film in its entirety on the Patagonia Youtube channel.

Words by Glenys Johnson
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