Streetwear label OFF-WHITE has collaborated with luxury e-retailer SSENSE on a Spring/Summer 2015 capsule collection entitled “BEFORE and AFTER.” To present the new offerings, OFF-WHITE designer Virgil Abloh worked with filmmaker Pierre Debusschere. The video perfectly captures the namesake of the collection, which shows Abloh’s pristine white garments – the before – being showered with a rainbow of colorful packets – the after. A subtle tie-dye is the end result, and appears on a selection of T-shirts, shorts, hoodies and accessories.

In addition to the actual collection, Virgil also spoke with SSENSE in detail about the collaboration and much more. While an excerpt has been inserted below, you can read the piece in its entirety at SSENSE.

“Let’s start from square one. Tell me about the genesis of this collection.

Virgil Abloh: The beginning, for me, started as a place to do something new. Working with SSENSE all started with an email. It was just like, what about creating a special capsule collection? I could have approached it as a more robotic thing. But I thought it was a unique opportunity to put me and Pierre Debusschere together under the SSENSE umbrella. I’m such a fan of Pierre’s work. I had been admiring of his aesthetic for a long time. So I wanted to put that on display instead of simply doing clothes and making a video about it.

I wanted it to be intertwined, so that it’s a collaboration between him and I as much as it is specially for SSENSE. The clothing was created at a 50% capacity, and only after we did the film would the 100% identity of the clothing be finished. And that’s the concept not only of the film, but of the clothes. I work on the silhouettes, fabrics, and details, and then, through the process of making the film, the color gets applied. There’s multiple layers of inspiration behind that, but the surface one being that through the process, you get this effect of color. And when you watch the film it completes the reason of why.”

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