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Fronting our eighth delivery of Meet the Muse is Canadian model Tavia. Revered photographer Rupert Lamontagne took to the streets of Montreal and Hollywood to capture the brunette babe in his trademark style, with Tavia captured in a dressed-down combination of brands like Supreme, Saint Woods, Cobra Snake and her own vintage pieces.

To give you more insight into Tavia’s day-to-day, we asked her 10 questions – both relevant and random – in order to get to know a little bit more about her, and really Meet the Muse. See what she had to say below, and then check out last week’s instalment with London native Alex Rose.

Photographer: Rupert Lamontagne
Model: Tavia
Clothes: Cobra Snake, Supreme, Saint Woods & models own

Favorite wardrobe item?

My drop-crotch Y-3 dress sweats, they are the best creation. Comfy sweatpants designed in a way that makes them acceptable to wear just about anywhere, with a good heel of course.

Your guaranteed party jam?

I would have to say “All I Ever Wanted” by Mase. It’s a must when people are dishing out the throwbacks.

Favorite meal?

I go though phases with this, where I have something I like and it’s all I eat till I can’t have it anymore. Right now, that would have to be the fried chicken sandwich at this place called Joan’s on Third in LA. 

Go-to designer?

Yohji Yamamoto without a doubt .

What you think of when you first wake up?

“Holy shit that was a crazy dream.” I dream every night and remember almost all of them. So right when I wake up I kinda just chill for a bit and replay them so they stay fresh in my mind all day.

Favorite sport?

Snowboarding hands down. I love it, there’s something about being on the mountain when it’s sunny listening to music that just tops everything. Thanks to my parents and being from Vancouver, I practically grew up on Whistler mountain.

Ideal dream job?

To work for Nat Geo WILD. I’ve always felt that I should be able to talk to animals, like if I had a super power that would be it. Getting to travel the world’s most exotic places to observe animals and explore with adventurous people would be everything! With or without the powers, I’d take it.

Your most treasured possession?

It would have to be my stuffed animal hippo: Eugene. He’s been around for so long and is the cutest thing in this world. Still to this day I bring him on every trip I go on.

Your life ambition?

To be able to retire early and be a stay-at-home mom with my seven children.

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