We here at Selectism are always on the lookout for the best, coolest places for you to visit, whether it’s new store openings, art galleries, special events or eateries. But while we do a pretty good job gathering a list of things to do in cities across most continents, we have to admit they’re pretty much only catered to locals. To remedy this, we’ve been scouring Airbnb to find the best places you can stay in our favorite cities. This is for those of you who want to get out there and actually travel. Do it.



The size of this private loft is unbelievable compared to other apartments in New York. And it’s in Hells Kitchen at that, a prime metro location smack in the middle of the city. The all-white interior and minimally furnished space is a breath of fresh air from the city’s usual stuffy and trafficky grit. While there are a plethora of things always going on in NYC, this weekend you should definitely check out Vitsoe’s I Cannot Not Communicate installation at its SoHo store.



Okay, maybe if you’re traveling in London (an already high-priced city) you may not want to break your bank on your stay, but if you’re looking for a boutique but more unique experience, this luxury apartment should be considered. George won’t call it “a magical place” for no reason, right? This weekend is hosting Photo London, a five-day series of events catering to the world’s most renown and enthusiastic photographers.



With Expo Milan 2015, getting anywhere good in Milan will be very competitive this year. The city streets will be bombarded and full of tourists from around the world — but don’t fret, this “cozy and baby-friendly” apartment proves there’s still hope. There’s also plenty of things left from Milan Design Week, like Foscarini’s Light Tunnel and Gucci’s tapestry exhibit.


Seoul’s Itaewon is the pulse of the city’s youth and multicultural events, home to countless trendy restaurants and night outings. This particular house for five is linked to Cafe Ando, a designy spot approved by locals. Go to Seoul’s new Common Ground shipping container mall, as well as all of the city’s other destinations with the area’s easy transportation system.


While Tokyo capsules seem like a fun place to sleep at least once in your life, a 1940s all-natural cedar and mud wall apartment seems way, way better. This place is surrounded by bars and other places still left from the World War, with a quaint and historic atmosphere you won’t get in other parts of the booming city. And do we really need to tell you what’s going on in Tokyo?



While Berlin’s Gallery Weekend may be over, it’s never too late to visit the eclectic German city. An apartment built in a late 1800s “Willhelminian style building” on the border of downtown Berlin is a good excuse to go.



This apartment with a beautiful balcony is a definite and welcome contrast to the historic stays in Tokyo and Berlin. Renovated less than two years ago, it features colorful tiles and modern furnishings that give the space a refreshing and pleasant residential feel. It also helps that there are plenty of things to do around it. Our favorite places in Stockholm are Acne’s Max Lamb store, Form Us With Love’s pen store and TID’s first shop.


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Words by Staff
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