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Award-winning Czech architecture firm Mimosa recently completed a project that has this writer considering traveling to Bistro Proti Proudu in Karlin, Czech Republic, for a cuppa. And, you should know that in addition to a stiff cup of joe the cafe provides a bistro-style menu, and thanks to Mimosa, some beautiful visuals.

On arrival, guests immediately see the cafe’s “In Coffee We Trust” logo etched onto the patinated steel counter that serves as a focal point. Behind the counter is a grid-like perforated plywood wall, which provides a clean backdrop to the warm tones of the wood and steel throughout the space. This quasi-grid system also connects every component of the wall into one large framework, similar to the way an actual power grid would work.

Such details tie into Proti Proudu’s larger theme — to connect people and experiences through good coffee and food. The idea of connection is also very much present in the inspiration behind the cafe. During the conceptualizing  phase, Mimosa and Proti Proudu’s owners Karolina Konecná and David Konecný looked to the work of local hero Frantisek Krizik, who was an electrical engineer and entrepreneur. Among Krizik’s achievements are the automatic electric arc lamp and the building of Prague’s first municipal electricity plant.

Where lighting is concerned, Mimosa takes its homage to Krizik to heart. Everywhere the eye can see there are exposed wires and a network of individually operated light switches; the setup helps to visually illustrate the connection between a power source and object. From what we’ve seen, it’s definitely somewhere we’d spend a leisurely day.

Březinova 22, 186 00 Praha 8-Karlín, Czech Republic

  • Source: MOCO LOCO
Words by Stephanie Smith-Strickland
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