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Nostalgia is a powerful emotion — perhaps that’s why designer Love Hulten consistently seems to produce work that emphasizes our desire for the past. His projects combine “modern technology with traditional artisan knowledge” to create functional objects that embody the best parts of different eras. Hulten even says that his intention is “to present personal stories with character, playfulness and mystique.”

Just one look at his most popular work confirms this point of view. For instance, Hulten single-handedly designed the “R-Kaid-R,” a system that allows users to play classic arcade games on a smaller, portable scale. The console can store over 10,000 games and has eight hours worth of charge per gaming session. Hulten also produced the “R-Kaid-42,” another portable console dedicated specifically to “the golden age of arcade halls.” The two-player system is divided into four segments that include wireless detachable joystick pads and a portable PC console.

Hulten is currently based in Gothenburg, Sweden, and executes and produces his custom designs completely independently. He also sources his materials by himself, buying locally when he can, and always making sure to use the finest available quality. To learn more about the craftsman or to order a custom piece of your own, visit his website

Words by Stephanie Smith-Strickland
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